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Worldwide recognition for FarmWizard

Worldwide recognition for FarmWizard

FarmWizard is now being used by over 1000 farmers throughout Northern Ireland & Great Britain.

In the UK Dovecote Park “Dedicated to Waitrose” Beef Processor utilise our software for managing their “Cattle Connect” animals.

The TAG project in Wales selected us twice under competitive tender to supply EID solutions for Welsh sheep farmers.

The largest retailer in South Africa, Shoprite Checkers, use our software for beef and lamb traceability.

NZ Genetics giants LIC have partnered with us to target dairy farms in UK, USA, South Africa and South America using our jointly branded LIC FarmWizard product.

The company have won a range of International Awards including:

Sybase Technical Innovators Award, Las Vegas 2006
Irish SME of the Year, Dublin 2006
BT Business Eye Best Use of Mobile, Belfast 2006

With appearances on CNBC and BBC and our international awards the FarmWizard online service is recognised as being the most innovative herd management solution available.


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