Modern retailers are building closer relationships with their local producers to guarantee supply continuity. Modern retailers are building closer relationships with their producers to guarantee supply continuity. This product enables livestock assets and performance to be tracked across multiple farms thus driving efficiency across Integrated Supply Chains.

Our global supply-chain manager provides retailers with multiple national and international farmer relationships with through-chain traceability and farm performance management. In common with our other farming apps, the global supply-chain solution is easy to use and web native, ensuring that both farmers and suppliers have no need to worry about costly software or hardware installation.

Our supply-chain solution is already in use by retailers such as Dovecote Park (Dedicated to Waitrose), for management of its multi-farm sourced Cattle Connect animals. Checkers Supermarkets, in South Africa, also use this farming app to pilot end-to-end traceability and performance management for its Checkers Angus brand.

Why Should You Use The Global Supply Chain Manager?

This product incorporates a fully integrated electronic ID system that automates the process of collecting data from farms, providing simpler farm management software (such as sheep management and dairy software).


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When using EID, data is collected on animals at farms to collate livestock levels, weight performance, health statuses and feed control. Data is also collected on feeding lots, abattoirs and retail.

Livestock management has become easier for retail users of the FarmWizard supply-chain manager, because they have visibility of individual and aggregate livestock. Meaning they have access to key performance data such as producer league tables, kills plans and availability.

Global Supply Chain Manager

Key Product Benefits:

  • An easy to use web based solution – meaning less up-front investment in costly technology
  • Fully integrated EID, incorporating multiple collection devices (such as PDAs), SMS and RFID – resulting in simpler, less error-prone data organising farm management systems
  • Full through-chain traceability of livestock and carcasses – allowing for statutory and quality compliance
  • At-a-glance supplier metrics – allowing for capacity and campaign planning

I am happy to endorse Farmwizard having worked with them rolling out a nationwide Sheep EID traceability program in Northern Ireland.
— David Torrens, Food Animal Information Programme Manager, Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development, UK