Our Sheep Management Software is aimed at sheep farmers who need an easy to use “point and click” solution to keep legislative records and build flock performance data.  The product is an invaluable support for purchase, cull or breed decisions.

Key Features and Benefits of FarmWizard’s Sheep Manager

1. Flock Manager: This feature allows sheep farmers to keep track of livestock and record herd movements and treatments.

2. Individual Manager – This allows farmers to record the movement, performance and sale of individually tagged sheep.

3. EU Standard Farm Quality Assurance Records – Full acceptable flock register, record medical purchases, feedstuffs and animal treatments for the flock.

4. Reporting Feature – Allows sheep farmers to design custom reports with sorting facilities to analyse data.

5. Weighing and Pricing – This useful feature allows you to record weighing and pricing information on the flock and use it to analyse daily live weight gain and turnover per head. This helps farmers make informed decisions for their businesses.

6. RAM/Ewe Breeding records – Record and manage breeding information for the flock with this feature.

7. RAM/Ewe Performance – Build performance data on Ewes and Rams that allow you to rank your breeding animals based on the performance of the lambs. Rule reports help you isolate low and high performance Ewes and lambs

8. Electronic ID data collection – Integrate with Electronic ID equipment to collect perfomance data on tagged animals. Use an EID scanner to view performance data on ewes and lambs.

9. Smartphone/Iphone – Record weighing information by smartphone and retrieve information such as price, weight and age of individual animals in real time.

10. Carcass Information – Record results from abattoir to keep track of animal and herd carcass quality.

Sheep Management Software

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We have found Farmwizard software excellent, delivering a very powerful, flexible software service that is quick to respond to our evolving farm requirements.
— Simon Ingles, Cattle Connect Project Manager, Dovecote Park “Dedicate to Waitrose”