Cogent and FarmWizard Team Up to Increase Farm Efficiency

Two of the UK’s leading providers of agricultural services are teaming up in an effort to boost farm efficiency across the UK.

Farmwizard and Cogent Breeding have joined their services to help farmers deal with vast amounts of complex data and create a resourceful, whole herd management solution.  

Belfast-based Farmwizard was established in 2004. The company developed the world's first cloud-based agricultural software solution, allowing farmers to manage their livestock from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The system is underpinned by PD+, an innovative software solution, currently used by Cogent in its Precision service that gives access to farm records anytime, anywhere. The software integrates third party technology such as BCMS or APHIS to compare Farm Quality Assurance records, milk record links and milking parlour links and combines the instant alerts of PD+ with EID data equipment to collect performance data on tagged animals. This allows the technology to instantly record, births, deaths and stillborns as well as giving instant access to medical records and calving data.

The latest collaboration between the two companies combines the technology of Farmwizard with Cogent’s expert cattle knowledge to ensure farmers have animals that are productive, efficient and profitable. Cogent customers will have full access to a simple, effective software solution and dedicated UK Sales Advisors means should the worst happen, expert advice is only a phone call away.

Cogent’s General Manager, James Hallett said: “Simplicity, accuracy and cutting edge technology are the keywords of our partnership with Farmwizard. Cogent is constantly striving to ensure our customers have access to the right product, and the best technology to transform their businesses and Farmwizard perfectly complements that aim. I look forward to working with them to provide an efficient and productive way to manage farm resources.”

 Farmwizard Founder, Terry Canning said: “I am delighted that Cogent and Farmwizard are teaming up to help farmers across the UK with their herd management. Our technology collects data from across the whole farm and update from cow to mobile smart phone in minutes, meaning everywhere from the tractor seat to the barn, becomes the new farm office. Farmwizard is already used in thousands of farms in the UK and I am confident that by working with Cogent, we can boost its presence even more.” 

Farmwizard PD+ in action

Farmwizard PD+ in action