FarmWizard Launch new DairyHUB Parlour Control System

AGRI-IT company FarmWizard is launching a new cloud based dairy parlour control system (PCS) which enables management of multiple milking parlour systems across multiple farm sites.
FarmWizard, one of the UK and Ireland’s fastest-growing technology companies and the company who provide software for Cogent PD+ , will unveil the PCS at the Northern Ireland Winter Fair next Thursday 10th December.
Business development manager Mark Elliott said: “With the rapid growth of large scale dairy farms we have identified a need to make parlour systems communicate with each other as well as other systems such as heat detection devices and government databases such as APHIS online or BCMS.”
“There are many different parlour equipment manufacturers and up until now there was no way of making these communicate. FarmWizard can now take information such as milk yields from different types of milking parlour, run feed to yield algorithms and push the feed settings back down to each parlour.”
“In addition our parlour control dashboard lets you see at a glance if yield is dropping on particular animals no matter where that cow was milked.” He added.
Castlederg milk producer John Mitchell is already using the DairyHUB PCS, describing it as “the only system out there that could link up my Crystal and Delpro milking parlours.”
“Before I started using the system we couldn’t set up a proper feed to yield system as the cows were being milked in different parlours. Now with the DairyHUB PCS package I can focus on managing the cow’s performance” said Mr Mitchell.
Even dairy farmers without milking parlours can take advantage of DairyHUB’s integration techniques to save time. 
Labour-saving DairyHUB removes the tedium of recording events time and time again.   
“With the FarmWizard DairyHUB a farmer need only record and event such as a calving once on his phone.
“The information will then be transferred to the relevant bodies on his behalf.” 
DairyHUB comes with a smartphone app for iPhone, android phones and tablet computers.
Events such as medical treatments – as well as breeding developments like a calving – can be recorded on the handset, and the information will also be recorded on the FarmWizard website.
That synchronization will mean the event is also recorded on a livestock herd book, on the APHIS if relevant - and if necessary on Holstein UK, National Milk Records or United's milk records system. 
Information can be accessed and recorded off-line, thanks to the app’s offline access ability.