FarmWizard Launches New Look App

Farm Wizard, the Belfast-based developer of innovative farm data management solutions, has launched a new version of its market-leading Farm Management app for beef, sheep and dairy which will improve the ease of data access and interpretation to improve effectiveness of decision making on farm.

FarmWizard is a leading provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources across livestock supply chains. They have developed a series of cloud based farm software solutions that can be easily implemented in minutes with no requirement for new software, hardware, or database creation.

Herd Manager, first launched in 2004, provides instant access to full herd records via a smartphone app.  All herd details plus calving history can be downloaded from APHIS in Northern Ireland and BCMS in Great Britain.  In addition historical data can be added from milk recording companies, beef processors, weighing equipment manufacturers and milking parlour software which greatly reduces the time manually adding data.

Event and treatment data including details of medicines used can be added to the app immediately at time of use, and is automatically updated to the central data base whenever the app is synchronised with the cloud using 3G or 4G technology, reducing errors and data entry time. 

The system allows several users of the app to be operational at any time meaning data can be entered and viewed by various people involved in the management of the herd.

“The Herd Management App is already used by over 1000 farmers in the UK, recording activity for in excess of 2,000,000 events annually and the new version has an improved user interface, making data entry and interpretation easier and quicker,” comments Richard Gower, GB Sales Executive with Farm Wizard.

“The new version increases the ability of users to get the most from their data, improving the timeliness of decision making, while still having access to full functionality such as links to BCMS, HUKI to reduce the time spent entering the data required to run an effective herd.”

FarmWizard App in action on a dairy farm

FarmWizard App in action on a dairy farm

FarmWizard Launch new DairyHUB Parlour Control System

AGRI-IT company FarmWizard is launching a new cloud based dairy parlour control system (PCS) which enables management of multiple milking parlour systems across multiple farm sites.
FarmWizard, one of the UK and Ireland’s fastest-growing technology companies and the company who provide software for Cogent PD+ , will unveil the PCS at the Northern Ireland Winter Fair next Thursday 10th December.
Business development manager Mark Elliott said: “With the rapid growth of large scale dairy farms we have identified a need to make parlour systems communicate with each other as well as other systems such as heat detection devices and government databases such as APHIS online or BCMS.”
“There are many different parlour equipment manufacturers and up until now there was no way of making these communicate. FarmWizard can now take information such as milk yields from different types of milking parlour, run feed to yield algorithms and push the feed settings back down to each parlour.”
“In addition our parlour control dashboard lets you see at a glance if yield is dropping on particular animals no matter where that cow was milked.” He added.
Castlederg milk producer John Mitchell is already using the DairyHUB PCS, describing it as “the only system out there that could link up my Crystal and Delpro milking parlours.”
“Before I started using the system we couldn’t set up a proper feed to yield system as the cows were being milked in different parlours. Now with the DairyHUB PCS package I can focus on managing the cow’s performance” said Mr Mitchell.
Even dairy farmers without milking parlours can take advantage of DairyHUB’s integration techniques to save time. 
Labour-saving DairyHUB removes the tedium of recording events time and time again.   
“With the FarmWizard DairyHUB a farmer need only record and event such as a calving once on his phone.
“The information will then be transferred to the relevant bodies on his behalf.” 
DairyHUB comes with a smartphone app for iPhone, android phones and tablet computers.
Events such as medical treatments – as well as breeding developments like a calving – can be recorded on the handset, and the information will also be recorded on the FarmWizard website.
That synchronization will mean the event is also recorded on a livestock herd book, on the APHIS if relevant - and if necessary on Holstein UK, National Milk Records or United's milk records system. 
Information can be accessed and recorded off-line, thanks to the app’s offline access ability.

Cogent and FarmWizard Team Up to Increase Farm Efficiency

Two of the UK’s leading providers of agricultural services are teaming up in an effort to boost farm efficiency across the UK.

Farmwizard and Cogent Breeding have joined their services to help farmers deal with vast amounts of complex data and create a resourceful, whole herd management solution.  

Belfast-based Farmwizard was established in 2004. The company developed the world's first cloud-based agricultural software solution, allowing farmers to manage their livestock from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

The system is underpinned by PD+, an innovative software solution, currently used by Cogent in its Precision service that gives access to farm records anytime, anywhere. The software integrates third party technology such as BCMS or APHIS to compare Farm Quality Assurance records, milk record links and milking parlour links and combines the instant alerts of PD+ with EID data equipment to collect performance data on tagged animals. This allows the technology to instantly record, births, deaths and stillborns as well as giving instant access to medical records and calving data.

The latest collaboration between the two companies combines the technology of Farmwizard with Cogent’s expert cattle knowledge to ensure farmers have animals that are productive, efficient and profitable. Cogent customers will have full access to a simple, effective software solution and dedicated UK Sales Advisors means should the worst happen, expert advice is only a phone call away.

Cogent’s General Manager, James Hallett said: “Simplicity, accuracy and cutting edge technology are the keywords of our partnership with Farmwizard. Cogent is constantly striving to ensure our customers have access to the right product, and the best technology to transform their businesses and Farmwizard perfectly complements that aim. I look forward to working with them to provide an efficient and productive way to manage farm resources.”

 Farmwizard Founder, Terry Canning said: “I am delighted that Cogent and Farmwizard are teaming up to help farmers across the UK with their herd management. Our technology collects data from across the whole farm and update from cow to mobile smart phone in minutes, meaning everywhere from the tractor seat to the barn, becomes the new farm office. Farmwizard is already used in thousands of farms in the UK and I am confident that by working with Cogent, we can boost its presence even more.” 

Farmwizard PD+ in action

Farmwizard PD+ in action

FarmWizard announces new owners

Web- based livestock management business FarmWizard has revealed Wheatsheaf Investments, part of the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Group, has become its majority stakeholder in a move which will lead to exciting developments to improve efficiencies in farming systems.

As the leading provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources, FarmWizard aligns with Wheatsheaf’s strategy to invest in businesses which will help produce foods more efficiently and meet growing global demand.

Terry Canning, FarmWizard Managing Director who will continue to lead the company and remains a significant investor, said: “I am absolutely delighted to be on board and look forward to what the future holds. Wheatsheaf has a clear vision for how technology is going to help feed the world’s growing population and I am delighted that FarmWizard is going to play a part in making that a reality.”

The Belfast, Northern Ireland,  based company – which was established in 2004 – developed the world’s first cloud based agricultural software solution and can be integrated with a range of farm data sources to provide a simple user platform for the farmer.

Software platforms and mobile apps have been developed for beef, dairy and sheep farmers which seek to drive efficiency and enhance value through improved information flow.

FarmWizard’s cloud-based software service is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and is being used by thousands of farmers worldwide who collectively manage a total of more than two million livestock animals.

Anthony James, Wheatsheaf Chief Investment Officer, said: “FarmWizard is an innovative software platform which is already proven to help farmers be more efficient by better managing their resources in the beef, dairy and sheep sectors.  The acquisition of FarmWizard complements our existing portfolio of businesses and, with our support, we believe it will help farms across the world to produce food with increased efficiently andhelp meet the demands of a growing global population.”

Wheatsheaf Investments, which was established by the Grosvenor Estate in 2012, owns the UK’s largest bull stud and leading exponent of sexed semen Cogent.

Moira Loughran, Invest NI Eastern Regional Manager said:

“FarmWizard is an ambitious export led company with an impressive track record in the Agri-tech industry. In recent years, Invest NI has provided FarmWizard significant support towards research & development and business improvement and I am pleased our support has enabled them to drive forward growth plans and attract Wheatsheaf Investments as a majority stakeholder. This announcement is an important strategic development which will enable FarmWizard to go further and faster in global markets and enhance its competitive position and increase export sales. We wish FarmWizard every success in the future”.