Cutting Edge Farm Software and Herd Management Solutions

FarmWizard meets the needs of individual beef, dairy and sheep farmers – as well as retailers requiring full traceability of livestock and produce from multiple suppliers.

All of our farming software solutions are web-based. With the use of cloud computing technology, all your records are safely stored in a single location that is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Whether you are using your business laptop, tablet or mobile phone, our farm management software allows you to access all your data online. This makes it easy for farmers to update and share data with consultants, insurance firms and other relevant parties.

Our farming software is simple to use, cost effective and yet provides powerful management and productivity insights for farmers.

Our World Class Farm Software Products and Farming apps include:

Beef Manager – beef cattle managment software

Milk Manager – dairy cattle management software

Sheep Manager – sheep management software

Global Supply-Chain Manager – farm planning software

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We were impressed with Farmwizard’s product roadmap and how closely it aligned with our own vision for a web centric herd and livestock information management system.
— Livestock Improvement Corp, CEO Mark Dewdney, New Zealand