5 min Training/Demo Videos

By clicking on the links below you can familiarise yourself with the capabilities of FarmWizard’s farm apps. (Scroll down for sheep management videos)


Dairy Management Training Videos

1) System Overview: This online video will give you a brief overview of the capabilities of FarmWizard diary software for diary herd management.

2) Recording Events 1: This online video will show you how to record dairy events on animals in your herd.

3) Recording Events 2: In this online video we take a closer look at recording insemination and PD events.

4) Dairy Management Reports: In this online video we find out how we can produce breeding management reports.

5) Quality Assurance and Medical Records: In this online video we find out how to record records associated with quality assurance such as animal movements and vet treatments and how to produce the associated reports

6) Working with Groups: In this online video we see how to set up groups, add animals to the groups and use this facility to identify good and bad performing animals in the herd.

7) LIC Fertility Reports: In this online video we find out how LIC FarmWizard customers can generate performance monitoring reports.


Sheep Management Training Videos

1) Sheep Training 1: How to produce a flock inventory, manage animals marked for move, Batch Managemt and Groups.

2) Sheep Training 2: How to analyse weighing data, update performance weight and price information and an overview of analysing sire and dam performance.

3) Sheep Training 3: How to analyse sale/kill information, Legislative reports, synch log and handheld list set up.

3) Sire and Dam Performance: More details on how to analyse DAM and sire performance

Farmwizard is the first IT herd management system I have come across that is truly easy to use and can provide a complete beef management system.
— Jim Brown, Beef Producer, United Kingdom