FarmWizard’s Beef Manager is aimed at beef farmers who are looking for an easy to use but powerful web based solution to maintain herd records and assess herd performance.


Beef and herd management can get very complex with obvious challenges including less contact with the cows and the difficulty of keeping records up-to-date. This is where Farmwizard’s Beef Manager application comes in handy. The system plays a huge role in effectively and conveniently speeding up processes and gives users the options to: 

  • Download cattle data easily – All herd details can be downloaded from APHIS/BCMS. Users don’t have to waste time manually adding data. Register cattle
  • Register births, deaths and stillborns with automatic pass-through to APHIS/BCMS (UK only) if requested.
  • Manage cattle movement – Easily record animal movements into and out of the herd as well as sales from APHIS/BCMS.
  • Calculate Beef Costs – Set up per-head and per-day costs on a herd or group basis and create what-if scenarios to calculate break-even costs (if animals kept in herd for specific time periods).
  • Analyse Weighing and Pricing Info – users can record cattle weighing and pricing information on their herds and use this to analyse daily live weight gain and turnover per head – allowing for more informed business decisions.
  • Create custom reports – Custom-design reports with sorting facilities to analyse herd data effectively.
  • Record Carcass Information – Record results from abattoir to keep track of animal and herd carcass quality.
  • Suckler Breeding Records – Record and manage breeding information for the suckler herd.

The recently launched Farmwizard app provides an offline solution which runs on any Smartphone or Tablet computer giving you:

  • Passport Scanning - Connect a Bluetooth enabled scanner to scan passports onto and off your holding. 
  • Animal Information - Full history of animals available with ability to set up report lists to automatically download to your phone.
  •  Full Range of Event Collection - Including breeding events, weights, movements, condition scores.
  • Voice Synthesis and Recognition - Events may be recorded using voice menus whilst voice synthesis can give you vocal feedback on your animals information e.g. weight gain.
  •  Electronic ID Data Collection – Integrate with Electronic ID equipment to collect performance data on tagged animals. Integrate with most EID stick readers and weigh heads to collect data automatically and calculate daily liveweight gains. 

The comprehensive system also combines state-of-the-art technology with third party expertises to ensure simpler, effective record keeping across all platforms. Farmwizard links with: 

  • Farm Quality Assurance Records – Record medical purchases, feedstuffs and animal treatments for the herd.
  •  Northern Ireland DARD Accepted Herd Register – No need for manual/paper records of the herd register. Beef Manager makes it easy to share online records and herd reports.
  • Mobile Phone Interface – Record weighing information by text message and retrieve information such as price, weight and age of individual animals in real time.

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Farmwizard is the first IT herd management system I have come across that is truly easy to use and can provide a complete beef management system.
— Jim Brown, Beef Producer, United Kingdom