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Farmwizard is a recognized provider of agricultural software for the effective management of farm resources across livestock supply chains. We have developed a series of web based farm software solutions that can be easily implemented in minutes with no requirement for new software, hardware, or database creation. All our livestock solutions are cloud-based which means:

  • You can view records anytime and anywhere
  • Records are all kept in one secure place
  • It’s quick and easy to update and view records
  • You can login from your PC and mobile devices
  • easily extract strategic information from data

Our variety of Farm Software Solutions and Mobile Apps include:

Beef Manager
Powerful Herd

FarmWizard’s Beef Manager is
aimed at beef farmers who are looking for an easy to use but powerful web based solution to maintain herd records and
assess herd performance.

Milk Manager 
Profitable Dairy Herd

The FarmWizard Milk Manager is aimed at milk producers who wish
to improve their dairy herd fertility and thus maximize profits. It has the ability to record breeding events by mobile phone text message or PDA. 

Sheep Manager
Powerful Flock

Our Sheep Management Software
is aimed at sheep farmers who
need an easy to use “point and
click” solution to keep legislative records and build flock performance data.  The product is an invaluable support for purchase, cull or breed decisions.

Supply Chain Manager
Visibility and Traceability

Modern retailers are building
closer relationships with their producers to guarantee
supply continuity. This product enables livestock assets and performance to be tracked across multiple farms thus driving efficiency across Integrated Supply Chains.



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Neil Pepper of Quilly farm demonstrating and describing some of the benefits of FarmWizard

Overview of the main features of FarmWizard's herd management software.

FarmWizard’s many awards simply publicly state what we users of the agricultural software already know. You are easy to reach, flexible, fast and reliable. And your herd software rocks!
— Daniela Saadi, Gruupo Saadi, Porto Alegre, Brazil